Winnie the Pooh Inspiration For Your Best Baby Room Designs

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Decorating a room with Winnie the Pooh baby theme is one of the fun activities when you are expecting a child. The cartoon character itself is adorable, and can be stimulating for the newborn. As a result, here are important facts and easy steps that will be useful for you if you intend to decorate your child's room into a Pooh baby themed room in the future.

For starters, take the measurements of the entire room. Identifying the size of the room is crucial to determine the amount of materials you will need to buy the decorating essentials for a Winnie the Pooh themed room. This will also help you estimate how much you will spend for your budget.
Next, pick out a design for the room decor. Murals of Winnie the Pooh are fantastic options if you want a little edge for your baby. Whichever design you choose, the important thing is for you to identify ahead of time which is suitable for the room.

After that, choose the kind of nursery or bed you want for your baby. Since you want a pooh baby themed room, then a Winnie the Pooh print is a good way to go. However, if you want a simple kind of room, then you can always choose pastel colors to complement your pooh murals. There are a lot of beds to pick out, ranging from different styles, colors, sizes, and even shapes.

You might also want to choose bedding and curtains to match the room. If you want your room design to be consistent, you can just purchase a printed variety. Either way, choose what is appropriate for the design you selected. Afterward, construct one or two racks to place in different corners of the room like at the bedside or beside the dresser. You can use this to hold Winnie the Pooh statuettes or other items.

If you want to level it up a bit, then you can always get an actual size Pooh baby posters and his friends like Rabbit, Piglet, and Tigger. You can place all these posters on the wall if you haven't chosen Pooh wallpaper just yet. Also, you wouldn't want a crowded look for your room.
Another important add-on for a room is a book rack. This can be used to store all collections of Winnie the Pooh books, videos, and CD's. If you have already bought an ordinary looking book rack, you can decorate it with stickers and other ornaments. A growth chart is also a wonderful add-on for your baby's room. In that way, you can monitor the growth rate of your baby regularly.

Lastly, you should also decorate the door both sides. This will give people an idea on what is expected inside. Place a hook at the back of the door to hold hats, and place a name tag at the front that looks just like Piglet's. Or, you can also add a Pooh baby photo frame to make it even cuter.