Room Dividers Add Color to Your Apartment Decors

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Apartment decorating can be challenging because, in most cases, you're not allowed to change the wall color, the flooring or any other stationary tanks in the apartment.

Staring at your bland egg shell colored walls all day in your apartment can be boring and they do little to add to your decor. However, there is a solution that you can use to add color to a broad expanses of the walls and that is by using room dividers.

Typically, you think of a room divider as something that sections off a large room. Your apartment may be small and you might be thinking "But, I don't have space to section off a room". That's okay, because with a little bit imagination you can use a room divider for decorating your apartment without using it as an actual divider.

One way of using a room divider in your apartment decorating theme is to simply pick flat against the wall. In this way, it will be more likable covering and will cover a much larger area than your typical piece of art work. If you have a really long wall, you can use more than one room divider of the same design. There are plenty of decorative room dividers that will go with almost any decorating theme you've chosen.

When setting the room divider against the wall you want to have a totally open and not folded at the hinges. Simply leaned against the wall. You don't want the bottom to be out to far though as this will look strange - you want the room divider to be flush against the wall. Of course, if you do this it may tend to be a little too big so you want to anchor it somehow, either by making a stand for the bottom or putting something in front ofit like a heavy potted plant or a chair.

You'll be amazed, and how much depth and interest this room divider at your apartment wall, and you can even use it in the area behind the sofa or make a little vignette with two chairs facing each other in a table in between. The possibilities are really endless and you simply need to use your imagination.

Another great use for a room divider to add color to the bedroom is to use it as a headboard. If you don't already have a decorative headboard and your bedroom is looking rather plain, you can just slip a room divider behind the head of the bed in between the bed and the wall and you have an instant focal point for your apartment bedroom decor.

Apartment decorating doesn't have to be boring, you simply need to use your imagination to work within the guidelines that your landlord has set and you can have a beautiful and decorative apartment.