Setup and Ideas to Getting Ultimate Home Theater Room

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A home theater is all about the big picture and is generally set up in a "5.1" format. This number simply refers to the number of speakers your system is capable of handling. Most people usually set up a home theater room in their home that is dedicated to providing the highest quality movie viewing, TV watching and music listening experiences for the family. Traditionally, good home theater rooms feature more than one row of theater style seating, a 100-inch or larger viewing area and a surround sound system.

 Another definition of a home theater is a dedicated space for watching movies that is comprised of a large screen television (LCD or PLASMA flat panels or front screen projection), combined with a multi-channel, surround-sound system, and is the combination of two types of media, video and audio.

The Home Theater Speakers
Home theater speakers should be placed at the listener's height which can be done by using speaker stands and don't hide them on a bookshelf. Speaker brackets and shelves should be fastened to a least one stud or joist. In-wall or ceiling speakers require cutting a hole in the wall or ceiling between the framing members and are secured with an integral mounting bracket. And speakers hung on the wall with wires going everywhere is very unattractive.

The Front Projector
Front-projection systems are most appropriate for rooms that are dedicated theater setups and can be darkened even during the day. Front projection offers the most flawless picture. The projection unit is mounted on the ceiling across the room from the screen which makes the picture crystal clear.

Home Theater Floors
Floors can be soundproofed in many different ways depending on what the finished floor is going to be installed. If you are planning on having carpet and pad for the finished floor in your theater, then a soundproof floor underlay would be in order. Floors should not be bare, so you might have to pick out carpeting.

A home theater is a fun, relaxing place for families to spend time together as well as to entertain. The decor of the room should be about comfort and subtly allowing you to enjoy favorite movies or programs in the welcoming retreat of your own home. It's generally considered to be a designated room for viewing movies, although the room can be used for gaming, watching sports, or TV as well.