Best Decorating Tips For Your Small Room Guys

Monday, February 2, 2015

Just because a room is small doesn't mean that it should lack in style. There are plenty of ways that you decorate a small room to look stylish and have plenty of functionality in a small space. Here are some decorating tips for small rooms in your home or apartment that utilize your space in the best way and come out with a great looking room.

Paint an Accent Wall
Try painting one wall in the room a bold color to act as an accent wall. This makes the room appear larger and also gives it a stylish feel. Make sure that the other color of the walls is a complimentary color so that the one bold wall doesn't look out of place.

Try to stay away from dark colors, though. If you are going to paint the accent wall a bold color, then don't make it black, dark blue, red, or dark green. Instead pick a color like pink, yellow, or aquamarine. When you paint the small room in dark colors, you only make the area look much smaller.

Choose Furniture that Fits the Size of Your Room
Keep your furniture to scale. This means that if you have a small bedroom, you are not going to want to put this huge sleigh bed in it. The same goes for a small family room. Look for pieces of furniture that will fit well and do not overpower the whole room. You still want to be able to comfortably walk around in the room without bumping into all the pieces of furniture.

Find Furniture that Works as Storage, Too
Another tip for choosing furniture for a small room is look for pieces that can pull double duty. Things such as a wooden chest can act as a coffee table or side table as well as storage for such things as blankets, toys, and other items that you may need to store in the room. This leaves you more room and allows you to sneak in more storage in a small area.

Be sure that you are utilizing your vertical space as much as possible. When you maximize the height of your walls, you can easily add so much more storage area as well as design space. Pieces like bookshelves and armoires are great vertical storage pieces.

Shelving that is attached to the wall is another great idea. Use the shelving for design and functional space. You can easily place some of your books and knickknacks on the shelves in an interesting manner to add style to the area.

Let in Some Light to Open Up a Room
Allow as much natural light as possible to filter into the room. Natural light makes a room look brighter and bigger. Avoid overwhelming window treatments and instead keep it simple with a pair of plain drapes or blinds. Add mirrors to the walls to reflect the light to make the room even larger looking.

Choose Lighting that Doesn't Overwhelm the Space
Avoid lighting fixtures that hang down or are way too large for the size of the room. A good idea is to go with track lighting as it does not take up much space, but it will keep the room well-lit so that it looks bright even at night.

Decorating a small space does not have to be hard or boring. Try to keep things simple and functional and add your small aspects of your style into the room as much as possible, and you can enjoy your small space as much as possible.