Tips for a Black and White Concept Design Your Room

Friday, January 30, 2015

White and black room ideas really allow you to decorate with contrast instead of focusing on color. If you can't decide what color to use in a room then just go with solely neutral colors. This can even work in a nursery depending on how you decide to style it.

With this kind of design style spraypaint is your best friend. You can spray paint anything from twigs to use in flower arrangements to metal furniture pieces. Really the dramatic design style is going to be in a graphic element of the two colors so the furniture can be quite simplistic. This is also an opportunity to go to a thrift store and pick up old birdcages and candleholders for practically free and then just give them new life with a little bit of paint.

It's very important when you use white and black room ideas that you combine them in some way. This could be by going with a damask print on your curtains or just with a modern striped pattern. This is really going to tie everything together and it's quite inexpensive. It can even be the finishing touch to a room that makes it feel complete.

When you try this kind of design style you really need to make a very grand statement. This includes oversized light fixtures such as chandeliers. Otherwise it just seems like you didn't decorate your room. You can also add in a lot of texture with your rug. It can even have more of a rustic kind of element if you go with a black leather design style.

You also need to add some sort of a sculptural element into the space. This could be in an oversized floral arrangement. Another option would be to invest in actual sculptures. This can have a modern art gallery effect so that your collections are really going to pop and shine.

An unusual choice for this is use in the nursery. However, you still need to find ways to make it look a little bit more age appropriate. You can do this with the use of toile on the crib bedding. It can have accent colors, or it might just be solely in this color palette. It helps you to tone down traditional blue or pink walls. It's going to be one of your more expensive fabric options, but it adds in subtle elegance. Whether you want luxury, whimsy, or modern design black and white rooms are the way to go.