Feng Shui Living Rooms - Secrets to a Happy Home

Friday, January 30, 2015

Your living room is probably the most used room in your home. It is often the room in which the family gather to relax and enjoy each other's company, perhaps watch tv and to socialise in when guests come to visit. For most people, everything else centers around the public area of their living room. It is therefore important that this room be inviting and welcoming with a bright and cheerful ambiance to enhance the lively feng shui living room yang energy and to create harmony and peace. So, lets get started in making your living room come alive with Feng Shui.

Remove the Clutter
As many people use this room, it can often attract a lot of clutter, perhaps from unfinished projects, magazines and newspapers or maybe even left behind cups, saucers and ashtrays. Make sure that your living room is clear of unnecessary and unused items. You should also be weary of over cluttering with decor and furnishings. Understandably you would want to create your family's personal touch or identity in this room, but too much can over clutter and block the flow of positive chi. In a good feng shui living room, the placement of furniture should allow for the free flow for movement of people and chi within the room.

Sofa so Good
A good feng shui living room is warm and appealing with plenty of natural light and fresh air. There should be an even number of chairs in the room and all the furniture should be positioned with a full view of the entrances to the room. If the back of your sofa faces a door or window, you can place a table or screen behind it to remedy the feeling of a lack of support. It is best to have the sofa with its back against a wall.

The Round Table
Round or oval coffee tables are better than rectangular or square ones as these can create 'poison arrows' with their corners. Using your coffee table as a place to display flowers or fresh fruit in a bowl will bring greater fresh energy and subsequently leave no room for useless clutter. Make sure flowers or fruit are always fresh however, as dried flowers and rotten fruit will cause negative energy to be stagnant in this room.

Wall of Frame
In feng shui, living room space is ideal for displaying your favourite photos in frames, whether they be on a table, on a shelf or on the wall. It is even better to hang or display your pictures in groups or pairs as singular pictures can create a feeling of loneliness or isolation. For this same reason, it is best to display ornaments or books in groupings on shelves or book cases, but make sure to always keep them neat and tidy.

Box up the Box
As mentioned above, people often like to watch tv in their living room, and why not, as this is often the room you come to relax in. However, in feng shui, a tv is not only counterproductive to family interaction and often hypnotically distracting to all in the room when it is on, but it is also a source of electromagnetic radiation, even when they are switched off. If you must have a tv in this room and you want to create a positive feng shui living room, you can always contain it along with any other electromagnetic appliance such as a VCR, DVD player and stereo, in a cupboard or tv cabinet with doors and only reveal them when needed. This also keeps the room much neater with cables contained.

Having a feng shui living room is not only better for that balance of harmony and positive energy in your home and in your life, but it will ensure that you room is always neat and tidy for when visitors come over. Makes perfect sense really! So why not clear out that clutter, get your storage areas sussed, hide those electrical appliances, display all your favorite photos and some fresh flowers and sit back, smile and relax.