Ideas For Light Your Living Room

Friday, January 9, 2015

Lighting is very important for your home. In addition to helping you to see the entire room, it also sets the mood of the room. Experts say that light can be used in emphasizing unique architectural designs. To help you out, here are lighting ideas for your living room:

Create layers of light
You need to create light layers that bounce illumination throughout the room in order to eliminate any shadows that might be in the corners. You should use a chandelier to provide overall light and visual interest.

You should also use twin sconces to supply soft accent lighting. The twin scones also provide the light that defines the area around the mirror and fireplace. It's also wise that you use a scrolling floor lamp that will provide you with task lighting for the seating area.

Make use of fan lights
These are lights that are attached to ceiling fans. They come in different varieties. For example, there are multiple lamps that have three or more arms that extend from the bottom of the fan. There are also contemporary-style fan lights that you can use as track lighting.

Fan lights provide your home with unique light. If you think you should use fan lights, you should remember that you need to use special bulbs that are resistant to the fan's vibration.

Skylights aid in bringing the daylight into your living room. If you need to light up an area that doesn't have a lot of ceiling space, you should use tubular skylights. The good side with these fixtures is that they collect and channel daylight from a collector on the roof to a diffuser in the room's ceiling without the need of you installing a finished skylight.

Consider pendant lighting
It works perfectly in high-ceilinged rooms; therefore, if your living room has a high ceiling you should highly consider going for this lighting. The good thing with the lighting is that it brings the source of illumination closer to where it's required. At the same time it provides visual interest over your head.

Paper lanterns
They are inexpensive and unobtrusive. They cast a soft, even and omnidirectional light that is not only pleasing, but also very effective. You should hang the lights individually or in groups from the ceiling. The good side with the lights is that they provide a mobile-like effect regardless of whether the bulbs are on or not.