Learn The Right Way to Using a Photo Room Dividers

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Photo room dividers have become a very popular in the past few years not only for their ability to section off rooms but also for the fact that they add a personal touch to your decor. These dividers can be great ways to show off artwork and photos but many people do not know how to use them properly. Proper placement and putting the right thing Into your photo room divider will make it be a focal point in the room instead of looking like an afterthought.

Photo room dividers can be bought in many different styles and types of wood to match almost any room. When buying a room divider, you want to think about how It will enhance and complement your decor. Make sure you buy one that is of good quality and sturdy and that will looked cheap in your home. Before you purchase your room divider, you want to make sure that you have the proper place for it. Typical spots for room dividers include corners, flat against the wall and, of course, separating a large space into two smaller spaces. Once you have decided where you going to put it measure carefully to be sure you get the right size room divider for the area.

Types of Photos
Once you have your room divider in hand, you'll want to stock it a up with photos. This is where many people go wrong. You want your room divider to be a work of art, aesthetically pleasing and enhancing to your current decor. Therefore, you don't want to fill it up with a bunch of mismatched photos in different colors and themes. Instead, he should strive for one unified theme that goes with the decorating scheme you are ready now. So if you have a modern decor, you might try all black-and-white photos that have an artsy look. If your home is more tropical, you might try grouping a bunch of photos of flowers or palm trees and plants.

Many people make the mistake of filling up with professional type photos of their family members and this really doesn't add to the decor at all. Professional photos do not really do much to look at all. The perfect fit is if you are a photographer yourself you can go out and take some great photos and fill your photo room divider with those. When choosing your photos, try to keep the colors unified.

Placement of the Divider
Finding the perfect location for your room divider can be a challenge. Try looking for areas that are begging for decoration. One popular spot is in the quarter, you can place the room divider kitty cornered which softens up the square lines. Another great place to put a divider is in a combination room such as a combination living room dining room would you place the divider and between the two rooms to section them off.

When placing your room divider, make sure that it's not too tippy. You want to fold up the sections so that it is stable and be sure not to put it in a spot where traffic will always be hitting it. You can always put your room divider pulled up behind a chair to add interest to a black wall or play some potted plants in the folds so it doesn't look so bear in front of the divider and this will also keep people from bumping Into it and knocking it over my mistake.

Room dividers can be great ways to add interest to boring decor and the best part is they are portable! So you can take a photo room divider when you get sick of seeing it in the living room and move into your bedroom. Either way, adding a photo room divider is sure to add unique interest to your home decor.