Decorating A Study Room In Your Home

Monday, January 26, 2015

Generally speaking, a study is a room destined for reading, doing paperwork or computer work. In some particular cases, it can also serve as a room where the children do their homework or from where one runs his/her home-based business.

The finishing of a study is of the utmost importance, because this is what gives it that comfortable, yet sober atmosphere that one needs in order to concentrate. Choose a paint color that relaxes you and keeps you focused, without distracting your attention in any way. Colors like pale yellow, sage or even crisp white are very appropriate.

When it comes to flooring, pick whatever suits the style of your home best. Ceramic tiles are known to be very sturdy and easy to clean, while wooden floors give warmth to a room and make it look more like part of a house than an office. Carpets come in all shapes and sizes, so you need to look at your options thoroughly before you make a choice.

If you are done with the basics of the room, it's time to choose the furniture. Speaking from a very minimalist point of view, all you need is a desk, chair, computer, bookshelves and a desk lamp. In reality, very few people stick to the bare essentials, as that can lead to a somewhat empty, cold space. Therefore, you should analyze your needs and proceed accordingly.

For example, if the room shall be mainly destined for reading, try a wall-to-wall wooden bookshelf full of the latest (or oldest) editions of your favorite books. Buy an ottoman or another type of sofa, some plush chairs and a small end table where you can put your tea and tray of cookies. If, on the other hand, your activity will be based on computer work, go for a modern desk, computer chair and all the high-tech gadgets you need. You also need to arrange for storage space, whether in the form of cabinets or other filing devices.

Don't forget to think about lighting. If you have one or two large windows, one desk lamp and a wall fixture should be more than enough. However, if natural light comes scarce, you should consider buying more light sources, so as not to put your eyes at risk. Curtains are also very important and tend to affect the quantity of light and heat that comes into the room, so choose wisely.

Finally, remember that, even though it is generally meant for work, a study is still part of your home, so it should be a place where you can feel comfortable and at ease. Decorate according to your own tastes and needs and don't be afraid to put a personal touch on the room.