Antique and Classic Art Deco Lamps Enhance Most Any Room

Friday, February 13, 2015

A room's lighting really enhances the atmosphere of a space. Lighting a room with lamps gives that room a unique feel. Antique art deco lamps for instance add their own unique feel to any room of the house. With the use of these lamps you not only are graced by the light they provide, but you also benefit from their style and detail.

The Art Deco style was influenced by modernism, cubism, and the constructivism movements. The style largely imitated French art of the period. Many things were designed in this style, from buildings to home furnishing.

Art Deco Lamps have a wide range of characteristics that make people consider them part of the movement. Some have an industrial look that has all kinds of angles along with squared shades which can be made from either glass or paper. Many have stems made to look like human figures holding up the light. So you can see figurines of slim ladies drinking martinis or smoking cigarettes. They also use freestanding figures on the base of the lamp.

An authentic art deco lamp can be a wonderful addition to rooms inspired by this style. They have a look that is unique to the time period. If you are able to find a good antique lamp, you need to double check and make sure it is genuine, not a replica. Also, if it is a genuine antique, the lamp may need to be rewired to work on today's electricity.

The main focal points of most of these lamps are the lampshades. These antique lamp shades were always unique and very beautiful. They were often glass and could be clear or colorful art glass with angular to rounded shapes.

Art deco table lamps are very much in style again. The style is typically full of chrome and glass, inlaid wood and other materials. Tiffany lamps are a great example of this style at its finest in America.

Though most of these lamps were made from metal, some were made of wood or other materials.
A lot of the antique art deco lamps that are available through many different sources are in original form, though some have been re wired to work on modern outlets.

If you are looking to purchase a matched set of these lamps you will probably find you are only able to find one of a kind as finding a pair of lamps is very difficult.

There are a few different ways to find these lamps for your home. You may be able to find these lamps in antique stores, flee markets, garage sales and estate sales. You should have some level of expertise if you're buying from these places as reproductions and replicas are numerous. So make sure you do your research beforehand.

Genuine antique art deco lamps can be very costly, but are absolutely a worthwhile investment. They fit into any contemporary decor and are a beautiful classic lighting option as they are so stylish. They are a functional piece of art and are a great option for your home.